AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate


AWS SAA is the mid level of AWS certification for those that never want to implement anything themselves. Personally, I thought: "why wouldn't I just look this up in the docs??".


My exam seemed to lean heavy into migrations into the cloud, as well as the standard 3 tiered web app (frontend, backend, database). It felt like a harder version of the foundational exam, with more of a focus on how the different AWS products interacted, as well as needing to remember specific features/numbers for the products, and not just the high level overview of the products.


I dragged my prep out over a bit more than a week, to allow some time to digest the info I was taking in (totally not just because doing practice tests all day is boring). I did 2 practice exam courses on Udemy (available via work), totalling 780 questions over 12 practice exams. Average score went from 64 -> 75%.


With the experience from my previous round, I again chose PSI Exam, this time knowing I could just boot into an Ubuntu live USB. The exam itself was mostly uneventful, taking approximately 10 minutes for the precheck, and 50 minutes for the exam itself (my practice exams usually took 40 mins). The exam questions were suprisingly vague at times, not giving enough information to answer questions fully, though the correct answer is probably not to overthink it.