AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I got AWS CCP.

AWS CCP is the foundational level of AWS certifications. Personally, I felt it was barely worth the time/money spent to get it.


There are some generic cloud concepts, but most of it revolves around remembering all the AWS service names, and what they actually do. There are some minor details on products, but most of it is guessable. They seem to lean heavy into trying to sell Support, Serverless, and Storage, so maybe spend a bit more time looking there.


In total, I spent 1 working day reading AWS documentation, and another working day going over practice questions to prepare. Work gave me access to Udemy, I only did the practice exams, scoring between 84-89% on all of them.


I took the exam online PSI Exams. Even though their system compatibility checks ask for a Chrome-based browser, the actual test runs in their own softare which is only really available to download/run 30 minutes before the exam starts.

My personal laptop running Chrome browser on Arch Linux passed their system compatibility checks with warnings. Come exam time, their test software wouldn't download. My work laptop running Edge (Chromium) on Windows also passed the system compatibility check with warnings. This time it would download the exam, but due to endpoint security on the work laptop MITMing all the TLS certificates, it wouldn't launch.

In a mild panic, I thought of how to get a clean, compatible system. I flashed a USB drive with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS live image iso, and booted into that. This finally worked, and I was able to proceed with the exam. The exam itself was uneventful, and I finished in 15-20 minutes.