role models

Either real people or fictional characters I looked to for inspiration in what kind of a person I should be. Real people are complex things, having so many facets, which makes them difficult to treat as a wholly positive influence. Fictional characters are usually less layered, they may be created to embody a single or set of traits, making them much easier to understand. Though it should be noted that going to extremes is usually not a good idea.

gender There may be a lean towards female characters. I tend to find them more interesting, as they are (regrettably) usually not the main character and so have more leeway to deviate from the standard path. (Also, they can appear to be less obnoxious, though great care has to be taken when applying the same traits in real life.)


in reverse chronological order

tower of god: hwaryun

Not the first character like this, but the one I remember now. Not particularly (physically) powerful, but has strong insight into the paths that lead to the future, and leverages information for both advantage and influence. Not the hero, but the (invaluable) support.

game of thrones: daenerys

This wasn't so much a role model as someone I (sort of) identified with. I wanted power. I also wanted to help people. But at what cost? And would I go crazy too?

life: dad

Or in general diplomats, influenced by the words in The Economist, and the ideas in Yes, Minister. My choice of words became more calculated, and slightly understated.

star trek: seven of nine

Skilled, cold, analytical. Maybe I used this as an early model of how to hide my somewhat underdeveloped social skills. Do I regret this choice? Maybe, but at that time I didn't see anything better.


Maybe I heard a bit too much about ninjas (the popular culture versions). Or maybe I didn't want to get caught doing questionable things. Whatever happened, I was obsessed in not leaving a trace. While there can be many aspects to that, the one with the most lasting impact would probably have to be walking quietly. Even to this day, I get comments on how I "suddenly appeared".