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2 Factor Auth

Ideal: username + password + security key + backup code.

TOTP and SMS can be phished/intercepted. Enabling all the options makes it as strong as the weakest link

Service SMS TOTP Key Backup Code Other
Adobe opt yes no yes
Amazon req yes no no yes no no no
Cloudflare no opt yes yes
Docker no yes no yes
Dropbox opt req yes yes
Facebook opt req yes yes
GitHub no req yes yes
Google norm opt opt yes yes mobile device
Google adv no no yes no
Instagram opt yes no yes
LinkedIn opt yes no yes
Mastadon no yes no yes
Microsoft opt yes no yes mobile app
Namecheap opt opt yes yes
Paypal req yes no no
Slack no yes no yes
ssh no opt yes no
Transferwise opt no no no mobile app
Twitch yes no no yes authy
Twitter no req 1 yes


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