mobile games

Games are a great way to burn a couple of hours when you just don't want to spend the brainpower to do anything properly. What i usually look for is something that isn't timer based, isn't too repetitive while not being overly complex, and gives a decent feel of progression.

Anyway, these are a few i liked, with most of the progression coming from the stories.

phantom rose scarlett

Phantom Rose Scarlett

Probably favourite game on the list, mechanics wise. Collect + dungeon crawl while managing cooldowns. And love the art style.

bistro heroes

Bistro Heroes

This is just cute, does get a bit boring after a while since for any given level there are a few (more or less) mandatory characters, leaving you with not much room to do anything differently.

destiny child

Destiny Child

A gacha game, but with what i think is a fairly solid, lighthearted story (voiced!), and an easy progression allowing you to experience everything without too much of a challenge. More "pretty" style.



Another gacha game, but with a darker storyline. The tower defense style is probably the most challenging here gameplay wise, and i eventually gave up after being stuck somewhere. Still, the story is worth following(?) and it was fun while it lasted. Mix between pretty and cute.