Adults, seniors, they think they know better. "When I was starting out...", we get it, you were so much better back then.

The environment changes, but maybe you don't feel it, 50 years ago, the world population was less than half of what it is now, and back then,, most economies were much more insulated from international trade. So right now, the competition isn't just 2x from population growth, it's more from all the people and companies moving around. No wonder wages haven't grown as much as people expected.

The manual labourer of today is not intrinsically better than a manual labourer of 50 years ago, instead, productivity gains come from the tools and processes produced by others, who also capture the increased margin.

Countries and borders still don't really make sense to me, I think most people cannot grasp the scale of countries, and instead just think of them as large tribes.