Who am i?

The series of experiences that have shaped this ever changing collection of atoms.

What experiences?

Mostly a lot of moving around, resulting in my current world view. I'm also:


I travel to get away, from people I've seen too much of, from places I find stale, from work (whatever form that takes).

I travel to look for inspiration, clichéd, but still true. Leading from the stale point before, sometimes seeing a different way of doing things, or being reminded of something you're forgotten, is enough join the scattered stars of thoughts into constellations.

I travel to stay grounded, in reality, in life. I know I like my little bubble very much, but there's a whole world out there, and the bubble isn't completely isolated from the effects. I look to see people going about their lives, mindful of the fact that most of them are fully formed humans, with a wide range of experiences as well. Occasionally I contemplate human existence, and what makes people content with their lives.

What's in my mind?


I'm here, more or less.

Like most (?) people there are different personalities as purer versions of each trait that merge together to be the me you see.

someone else

How to describe this? The hallucinations from A Beautiful Mind, or Six from Battlestart Galactica.

It's someone in my mind, a distinct personality. They can read my mind, or at least have a deep understanding of it, maybe even deeper than i would admit to having of my own mind. I can't read theirs. Our interactions might are mostly them giving advice, assertive or not. I don't talk much, real life or in my head.