The art of living with less

Maybe it's satisfying that everything is clean and simple


I remember reading an article in primary school on extreme minimalism, an interview with college students living with little more than their suitcase, 100 things at most. I thought it was an amazing idea, but it would be years before I could start practicing it.

To me, minimalism serves 2 purposes, 1, to get simplify life, 2, to make moving easier.


life's too short to clutter your mind with unimportant stuff, throw them all away.

Do your research, make your choice up front, stick with it, follow through and reap the rewards


last time I counted I avergaed ~2 years between moving houses, it's so much easier if you have less to lug around

who wants to drag boxes of stuff you never use around anyways


lean in on the digital stuff, it doesn't take up space, it can live in the cloud, jus remember to periodically clean it our


Luxury, it can be more expensive if you're not careful, chasing that shony new thing that will allow you to get rid of 2 serviceable things,

Plus it's only really possible in cities where stuff is convenient