Chaos Communication Congress Day 3

final day for me


Chaos Communication Congress Day 3

final day for me

37c3 day 3

Turns out I'm going to miss the last day because of other plans. So what do I have for my last day here?


And this wraps up my final day at CCC.

Unlocking Hardware Security: Red Team, Blue Team, and Trojan Tales

You might be able to detect silicon level changes with a scanning electron microscope. If you pay for it and have the patience to carefully do the matching.

Numerical Air Quality Modeling Systems

Air pollution modelling

Full AACSess: Exposing and exploiting AACSv2 UHD DRM for your viewing pleasure

A successful break of bluray 4k UHD DRM. You side channel attack Intel SGK to leak a key, fake remote attestation with intel servers, and obtain keys from online keyservers.

RFC 9420 or how to scale end-to-end encryption with Messaging Layer Security

Better than Signal protocol because it can scale to groups (instead of groups being a wen of 1-1s). Everything is a tree. But also punts some important things to the application layer.

Reconstructing game footage from a Game Boy's memory bus

It was impressive, though some of it may have lost this non user of gameboys....

Unlocked: PICing a wireless door access system

Hardware probes into firmware to extract a rolling(?) AES key.

What your phone won’t tell you

Tracking base station changes.