Chaos Communication Congress Day 2

6-2-1 go!


Chaos Communication Congress Day 2

6-2-1 go!

37c3 day 2

Some amount of rest later, we head into day 2 of Chaos Communication Congress.

This day I was more into people watching, realizing that with so many people with long hair, I had a decent chance of guestimating what I would look like if I also made unconventional dress choices, like skirts, or ears, or...?


Most people don't leave in the middle of a talk, but you can get a feel of how good a talk was by how many people stayed sitting once the floor opened to questions.

A year of surveillance in France: a short satirical tale by La Quadrature du Net

France is deploying some surveillance tech and laws against its own citizens to counter protests. Effectiveness? Maybe it was that human rights were birthed only under oppression, are we going through a similar genesis for new rights?

The impact of quantum computers in cybersecurity

Mostly theoretical, not very practical.

Fuzz Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

AFL++ with a nice Rust SDK integrated with QEMU (which does binary rewriting and can be used to insert hooks).

AlphaFold – how machine learning changed structural biology forever (or not?)

3D protein structures are flattened into a 2D distance grid and passed to Google Deepmind AlphaFold. Baselines are known templates from crystallography and partial sequence matches. Makes things faster if it can provide a good estimation.

Arch Linux user meetup

Arch Linux project updates, help is always welcome. Saw Foxboron and Morganamilo.

Rust Binary Analysis, Feature by Feature

Rust's iterator, boxes, maybes, enums look weird when they compiled into machine code. surprisingly less efficient than I would have thought?

Turning Chromebooks into regular laptops

Chrultrabook project to run pure linux on chromebooks. Old chromebooks could be a good source of cheap compute?

ARMore: Pushing Love Back Into Binaries

A different brinary rewriting project, turns out rewriting pointers is hard but there are tricks to the indirection.

Tor censorship attempts in Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan

From the director of the Tor project: public ingress, hidden ingress (bridges), protocol level cat and mouse, bridge distribution strategies, can't do much about corruption?