gophercon uk 2

day 2


gophercon uk 2

day 2

gophercon uk day 2

More chats, more talks. But I didn't find an afterparty.

State of the Go Nation!

History, (not much) future, reiterated go1compat, focus on onboarding.

Understanding Language Server Protocol - autocomplete, formatting

a pretty good talk on how LSP the protocol works and how you'd implement it, including wrapping other LSP servers.

The Hacker's Guide to JWT Security

Tradeoffs of algorithmic flexibility and bearer tokens.

Learn how debuggers work by building your own one

It sounded really interesting, catching all the details proved a bit too much for me, but I did get a general idea of how debuggers work (with a lot of cooperation from the kernel).

Understanding the Go Compiler

I don't remember much.

Incident Management - Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Didn't seem to relate too much to Go...