gophercon uk 1

day 1


gophercon uk 1

day 1

gophercon uk day 1

So GopherCon UK again.

Stuff I saw besides going around, chatting to some people I met before, and just random people I met on the day:

Memory Management in Go: The good, the bad and the ugly**

tbh, I don't remember much of this.

Monolith or Microservices or Both: Modern application development using Service Weaver

Service Weaver looks like interesting tech, blurring the boundary between local and remote function calls even more than gRPC. Not sure how mature it is, but it did show some interesting evolution in generics and framework/library setup that mirrored my own experiments in

Structured Logging for the Standard Library

Probably the best talk of the entire conference. Clear in both process and delivery, laid out the reasoning and also went into the technical details that explains some of the reasoning behind the design.

Logic Programming in Go

I understood the first slide, and that was about it. The rest seemed to use goroutines that don't exit to represent branches in execution?

The context package internals

I don't remember much of this either, nothing too out of the ordinary I think?

Zero Trust Security for your APIs

It felt like they were trying to sell something, I'm not sure what.