local container registry

blob stored


local container registry

blob stored

local container registry

Sometimes, you just need some temporary storage when working with container images. Eg, when using crane or sigstore where every operation is a push to a remote registry.

crane registry

crane has an in-memory implementation of docker and oci compatible registry in crane registry. No auth, no permanent storage, just a plain local cache to work with

1$ go install github.com/google/go-containerregistry/cmd/crane@latest
2$ PORT=8080 crane registry serve


zot is an oci-only registry backed by the filesystem or s3. It does auth with mTLS, basic, LDAP, oauth2/bearer, anonymous. Plus it has config for repository level auth policies. zot config.

1$ zot serve /path/to/config.yaml


Also known as docker.io/registry:2.

A quite featureful registry implementation with filesystem, memory, and cloud blob backed storage. Auth through mTLS, basic, oauth2/bearer, anonymous. But no policies for per-repo config. distribution config

1$ docker run -d -p 5000:5000 registry:2