WTF is SRE Day 1



WTF is SRE Day 1



WTF is SRE is a conference hosted by Container Solutions, and I attended their first in person event in London.


AI: Coming Soon to a Cloud Native Transformation Near You

AI will be a thing.

Life of a Packet III

Istio networking! eBPF cuts out some layers. Ambient mesh puts proxies on nodes.

Little's Law: Why Service Concurrency Limits Matter

It probably matters, but look at our shiny product Aperture

An engineer's guide to Linux Kernel upgrades

Kernel upgrades are actually safe and you should really keep up to date with patch updates.

Cultural post mortems: an approach to learning when your people systems fail

A story on (losing) trust, rebuilding it with a cultural postmortem. Also interesting to hear about how other people work (zoom all day?).

A tale of 300 friends and partners: Unlocking the potential of Platform Engineering and DevEx

By $work's director of Infrastructure. Meander through building a platform to manage complexity, showing value by putting a cost on things.

The Iceberg: Your Attack Surface Just Got Bigger (How to mitigate risks in your OSS projects)

A lot of tools from Github marketplace