job3 8 months

changing tires on a moving car


job3 8 months

changing tires on a moving car

go to prod

I think it went more or less as expected when I heard the planned work: rushed migration, big changes on hold.

logs & metrics

So January rolls around and we start telling people: migrate to this new system for logs. I think it's quite unfortunate that implementation work stopped somewhere in September, with the entire system just on hold, in limbo for a few months that could have been used to get people to migrate much more gradually, and hash out issues that inevitably came up. Instead what we got was a pretty rushed last minute move, which to me felt like trying to change the tires on a moving car. The system needs serious work for me to trust it, but in its current state it's already load bearing for production use.

Next up will be metrics, there's less lag time between implementation and adoption, which I think is great. It also uses components, OpenTelemetry Collector, that I'm much more comfortable maintaining, both operationally, and in fixing bugs.

company & team

There was an all-hands in January, so I got to meet almost everyone (maybe more accosted for infra issues....). Company level stuff was a wash, division level was sort of useful to get to know about a few teams, group level was probably the most useful for me, and team level, well with 1/4 down, we didn't do too much. Getting to know the people in the group and their body language was enlightening, and things people said / attitudes made much more sense with the additional context.

As for other team level stuff, scrum is out and kanban is in. Well it was already on the way out before, we've just let go of even more rituals.