FOSDEM day 1

cramped, hot, and sweaty like it used to be


FOSDEM day 1

cramped, hot, and sweaty like it used to be

FOSDEM day 1

So, back to in the person crush of a conference FOSDEM is just as full of hot and sweaty people as I remember. I arrived at 09:30 sharp for the first talk, which was a mistake as: 1. I needed time to reorient myself to where all the rooms were, 2. the talk was popular and I didn't get in.


So the following things are what I did manage to attend.

PipeWire state of the union

I learned that... work is ongoing and things should work (audo - now, video/camera - soon).

Aurae: Distributed Runtime

Probably the most interesting talk of the day, not least because tthe speaker was Kris Nova. Some interesting ideas on process execution, but mostly around the API to that (gRPC, configured as code, not config). Rust macros are great, so is embedding deno. Not quite sure I understood the memory safety argument.

Remote Attestation with Keylime

Keylime is... an agent that will query your TPM for you and relay the info back to your server. As always, like SECCOMP, the hard part is not the technical implementation, it's the policies surrounding it and what to do when you detect violations.

MachineOS: a Trusted, SecureBoot Image-based Container OS

The speaker couldn't make it, so it was a recorded talk (the room was noticeably disappointed). They also used TPMs somehow.

Reconciliation Pattern, Control Theory and Cluster API: The Holy Trinity

I don't know what the speaker said, it didn't sound very important.

Bottlerocket OS - a container-optimized Linux

Host OS for runnig containers, with 2 containerd instances for host management and workloads. Everything, including tools to manage the OS, is in containers. Defense in depth.


Of course, there's VC(-funded company) funded drinks, and some socializing at the bar afterwards.