gophercon uk 2

day 2 of conference


gophercon uk 2

day 2 of conference

gophercon uk day 2


Generics Unconstrained!

Maybe generic constraints are a bit too ugly to show in your API? Hide them by passing in functions instead.

All work and no play makes Gophers something something

You can just write projects for fun. Also, inspiration from early computing to do "easy" games.

gogoprotobuf: How NOT to run an open source project

A sobering retrospective on the both the maintainer's mental health (self worth, priorities), and project decisions that impacted that. Well worth it as a warning for future participants of open source communities.

What's a front-end dev doing writing Go and why is the FBI here?

Geoip to country center (default for unknown) == bad, fudge it to point to bodies of water.

Causal's 1000x Spreadsheet; Performance beyond profiling

More optimizations, some alignment things, probe at your CPU, optimize for cache line efficiency.

Leading in Tech

uhhhh..... influence?


Apparently I was fairly visible(?) being one of 3 people with brightly dyed hair (mine was purple-ish blue). Of course we grouped together to chat for a bit.

With an afterparty at a pub, I tried hard to float around and meet people, and I did, though I may have exhausted the pool of high profile people to point at online. There was Morgan Adamiec from Arch, which required checking in the next day, online with the human directory that is Morten Linderud to recall who I actually met (usernames and real names are somewhat mismtached...).

A long 15 hour day later, I collapsed onto bed past midnight.