gophercon uk 1

what do you call a group of gophers


gophercon uk 1

what do you call a group of gophers

gophercon uk day 1

GopherCon UK had sort of started the day before (day 0) with a few workshops. I skipped those.


At any given time, it was either a keynote with everyone in a big room, or split into 3 different talks.

Overall, a pretty solid first day.

Engineering Innovation - why constraints are critical

Saying that you can build off of concrete constraints and not abstract or divergent ideas. Not too interesting

TinyGo: Getting the upper hen

Basic intro into TinyGo with a pracical IoT usecase of temperature/humidity recorder. Fun, because it's something I don't do.

Obscure Go Optimisations

Profile and get rid of memory allocations. Not just the obvious ones, but also through indirect things like interface and slice conversions / wrapping. Also, lift easy things out of loops. Dives into parts of the runtime you usually don't think about, by Bryan Boreham

Deep dive into Go's build system

Can you read go build -x? Also GODEBUG=gocachehash=1. Also-toolexec.

Protocol Buffers- A Banked Journey

Use buf, they make good protobuf tooling.

eBPF Superpowers for Go programmers

What is eBPF and how you'd want to use it with Go. Technically I've heard this talk a few times, but Liz Rice is an amazing speaker.


The speakers stuck around for at least a bit, so there were opportunities to talk to them (still want to gush over Liz...). Other than that, day 1 was mostly meeting with people I knew from online: so what appears to be half the CUE team: Daniel Marti, Paul Jolly, Roger Peppe, Marcel van Lohuizen. Also Bill Kennedy and Mat Ryer.

I drank a bit too much and my head hurt.