job3 2 weeks

more retros


job3 2 weeks

more retros

new job again

Where do we start with this new job?

getting hired

The London job market really is something, throw out your CV over the weekend and by Tuesday two thirds have responded asking to schedule an initial meeting.

What I liked abou this team:

So sign the contract and what could go wrong? Oh read everything before you sign. Even if you just asked to change something unrelated, reread the entire contract before you sign.

starting work

week 1

Start with 2 days on onboarding meetings with the wider company. Sorry, to be honest, I don't care about you all just yet. I interviewed with my team, and they're the people I want to meet with first.

The rest of the week was uneventful, setting up accounts and reading documentation spread across at least 4 places (notion, drive, github, backstage).

Oh and the woes of having different preferred vs legal names. Pre-hire, my manager asked "what would you like as your email address", and I log in to see nothing actually changed. Nothing that a support ticket can't fix right? Well whoever is managing the circular dependency of workday-okta-gmail seems to have messed up and 2 weeks later I have less access to things than when I started.

week 2

I moved a config file from 1 repo to another, I passed a flag to some app. I didn't do much else except complain how my accounts were getting more broken every day...

Oh and some more 1 on 1 meetings, including with a staff architect? Apparently domain driven design is thing, though it sounded more like post-it driven assignment of responsibilities. And finally dinner with staff / principal / director level people, what was I doing there?