proofpoint meta network agent

is this really zero trust?


proofpoint meta network agent

is this really zero trust?

proofpoint meta agent

proofpoint has a "Zero Trust Network Access" (ZTNA) product (Proofpoint SSP) from their Meta Networks acquisition.

So, what does it take to get their agent running on an Arch Linux machine?

get the agent.

As far as I can tell, the download listing is only available from a logged in console, at https://<orgid> That links to a download, ex at: This is a self extracting archive created via makeself.

note: There are 2 options, full and CLI only, so far I've only gotten the full version (with gui) to work.

Of course the script only really supports Debian-based distros, and I'm on Arch Linux, so we get to do it by hand. chmod +x ./ to make it runnable, ./meta-agent --list to list out the archive contents. Then we can get the individual files with ./meta-agent --tar xf $file1 $file2... The important ones are: the strongswan, agent and zerp-gui snaps


There are also system dependencies on openvpn (I think).

note: the meta-client uses X11, if on wayland (eg sway), you'll want the xorg-xwayland and dependencies.


Once that's setup, meta-client will start the little ui app, where you can log in via its embedded browser, and it can start the tunnel. If it's stuck, it might be dumb and you need to go to profiles to force renew it.

It apparently takes over all of IPv6 networking, hope you didn't need it for anything else. Also, if you have a resolvconf installed, it will add its nameserver, if not, you'll probably want to add it manually (nameserver 2a0a:4b00::)