work 2

Time to get onboarded onto a new job. So how did my first week go?

Setup: Apparently it's still work from home, and I'm told the office might not actually fit everyone if they all wanted to go in at the same time... Getting and logging in to the laptop was fine, but there were other IT issues, and there was a 40 minute hold on the call to IT to resolve it.

Inductions: Video call with Service Line (department), webinar thingy with the wider company. Suprisingly less than what I got last time.

TODOs: In emails spread between my personal and work account, in multiple checklists spread across multiple internal sites, there's an intranet with a search function, good luck if it finds anything. A lot of compliance training (online courses), and a lot of: "hmm, who do I email to get access?".

Team: Welcome, but we don't quite know what to do with you yet... Also, do you have access to $array_of_systems which hold all the team documentation (no). Also, do you have AWS certifications, you need it to gain access to AWS (you didn't tell me this before you hired me...), at least they seem relatively easy, just remember what all the AWS / Amazon service names map to. Being left on my own to explore stuff, I found a very comprehensive pair of vision statements that describe that state of the team, why a few things are the way they are, and the potential future direction. It was immensely enlightening and I think it should be more common.

Tech: So we use counts fingers at least 6 different communication platforms, sigh. Also, Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO) / Multi Step Verification (MSV) is really questionable, there seem to be places where MSV is optional, and signin with LDAP requires you to use your Microsoft password in foreign systems, an incredibly bad security design. Oh and for reasons, there are 2 SSO systems.