go.mod retract

how to retract module (versions)


go.mod retract

how to retract module (versions)


The Go module ecosystem is based on the concept of immutable versions. Once a module version is published, the contents must never change. This is enforced by global proxies (and their sum databases) and locally in consumers via go.sum files.

Now, if you make a mistake or change your mind, the only way around is to publish new, higher versions. You may also want to affect how downstream users select versions, maybe telling them not to use specific versions through retract.

The retract is part of a module's go.mod file, and go uses the contents of the highest published version to determine which versions are retracted (meaning you could un-retract something if you wish)

basic uses

retract single version

Publish a newer version (ex v0.1.1) with go.mod:

module example.com/retract-single

go 1.17

retract v0.1.0
retract range of version

Publish a newer version (ex v0.2.1) with go.mod:

module example.com/retract-range

go 1.17

retract [v0.1.0, v0.2.0]
retract commits

You haven't started using tagging with semver or you just want to retract a commit in between published versions.

This makes use of pseudo-versions, Go's way of representing individual commits within semver. The easiest way to determine the correct one is go list -m example.com/module@commit.

module example.com/retract-commits

go 1.17

retract (
        // v0.0.0 if there are no versions
        // yyyymmddhhmmss commit UTC timestamp
        // 12 char commit hash prefix

        // everything after v0.1.0, up to and including v0.2.0
        [v0.1.1-0.00000000000000-000000000000, v0.2.0]

common usecases

back to unversioned

You had versioned tags, but now you regret it and want to go back to no versioning.

Say you're already at v0.15.1, publish a v0.15.2 with:

module example.com/retract-tagged

go 1.17

// retract all published versions, including the version that includes this retraction
retract [v0.0.0, v0.15.2]
wipe out a module

You want to remove all possible versions

Say you're already at v0.15.1, publish a v0.15.2 with:

module example.com/retract-all

go 1.17

// retract all versions, including the versions individual commits would have,
// and also the version that contains this retraction
retract [v0.0.0-00000000000000-000000000000, v0.15.2]