dns service discovery

who reads RFCs...


dns service discovery

who reads RFCs...

dns service discovery

Globally available key-value store, let's use it for service discovery!

iana service name and port directory


Basic: a single instance per service. (can have multiple records, but each host is expected to serve the same data)

_service._protocol.zone. SRV "priority weight port instance1.zone"


Turns the _service._protocol into a listing of instances.

_service._protocol.zone. PTR instance1._service.protocol.zone.
_service._protocol.zone. PTR instance2._service.protocol.zone.

and each instance gets an extra TXT to store additional data needed per protocol.

instance1._service.protocol.zone. SRV "priority weight port instance1.zone"
instance1._service.protocol.zone. TXT "key1=value1,key2=value2"

instance2._service.protocol.zone. SRV "priority weight port instance2.zone"
instance2._service.protocol.zone. TXT "key1=value1,key2=value2"

how can i use this

Totally not tested. On DNS server

_wireguard._udp.example.com. PTR base32pubkey1._wireguard._udp.example.com.

base32pubkey1._wireguard._udp.example.com. SRV "10 0 41630 mylaptop.local"
base32pubkey1._wireguard._udp.example.com. SRV "20 0 ????? mylaptop.wgsd.example.com."
base32pubkey1._wireguard._udp.example.com. TXT ""

and have mylaptop respond to mDNS for local lookup, falling back to something like wgsd.