So me: fresh out of graduate school in Amsterdam in the middle of a global pandemic. What am I going to do? After 78+ applications and interviews at a dozen companies, I got exactly 1 offer. SRE, but not at a tech company, wonder how it will go.

getting started

2 months in, what am I actually doing? Including me, it's a team of 5, supporting 80(?) devs and 2 kubernetes clusters.

Onboarding was a bit chaotic, day 1 got me full access to our production cluster, but not cloudflare or even our full codebase (I still can't see everything). I leaned heavily on ripgrep and t to find about things.

doing what

So what do I do day to day? Look at Jira, pick out a task, get annoyed at MS Teams, and wonder why I have so many meetings.

Fiddle with DNS and Page Rules in Cloudflare through Terraform, migrate stuff from Ansible to Helm (if you have a choice avoid Helm), play around with Grafana dashboards, and if I'm lucky, write some minor service in Go to glue together other services (the rest of our devs use Java), Oh, and investigate more processes and additions to tooling, and consider migrating from Jenkins to something else.