web git

you want a lightweight web view of your git repo


web git

you want a lightweight web view of your git repo

web git

You've decided that git and ssh are all you need to host your own repos, but you still want a way to show people the repo without making them clone it. Or you think it's more convenient to have a ui to look at history and stuff.



smithy minimalist single binary go executable, font size is surprisingly large and not dense, probably needs some CSS work.


Built into git, has a standalone mode or a fcgi mode. Bare but functional design. Ugly urls: http://arch.seankhliao.com/?p=com-seankhliao.git;a=summary


cgit is something you need to install, run with fgci or wsgi and a web server. UI is like gitweb but a bit sleeker, pretty (normal) urls.


git-webui is some not very popular project (not packaged in ditribution repos). For a single repo, modern ui, IDE like, allows you to work on git (I think). Less for sharing? Doesn't play nice with dark mode.


stagit is also not very popular thing. Static site generator for git repos. Only shows the latest commit on the default branch and diffs between adjacent commits (otherwise there's a combinatoral explosion of possibilities). An even barer interface than gitweb.