k8s policy enforcement

policy types and enforcement


k8s policy enforcement

policy types and enforcement

Policy Enforcemnt

You have ideas about what connections/requests should go through. Those are policies. These are some things that can define/enforce those policies.


NetworkPolicy is the standard API defined by kubernetes for networking plugins (CNI) to enforce. It is the lowest common denominator L3/L4, supporting IP range based allow/deny and TCP/UDP port based allow/deny.


Cilium is a CNI that can enforce NetworkPolicy, with its main claim to fame being it is eBPF based. Additionally extends support to L7 through injecting an envoy sidecar with policies defined in CiliumNetworkPolicy. Also has support for L7 policies (HTTP, Kafka, DNS) through injecting envoy. HTTP supports Host / Path / Method / Headers (header exact match). Identity aware in the context of Cilium refers to service identity through k8s names.


[OpenPolicyAgent][opa] is a generic policy rules engine that can be embedded or run as a standalone service. Other components (ex API gateways, k8s API) can be configured to talk to it to determine authz.


Istio is a service mesh built on envoy. It uses AuthorizationPolicy to manage TCP / HTTP traffic policies for both North-South and East-West traffic.