cli tools

There are 1800 things in my /bin, I'm sure some of them can do with an update.


Modern takes, usually with colors or expanded functionality

new old description
bat cat, less colored pager
exa ls, tree ls with git features
mtr traceroute, ping pager updating ping times per hop
ncdu du, dust curses disk usage viewer
neovim vi, vim a better vim? going all in on lua
ripgrep grep faster grep
rsync scp differential file sync
sd sed more intuitive sed
skim locate, fzf interactive search, filenames and contents
cw wc faster wc
fd find more intuitive find


maybe not the first to implement an idea, but good ideas/implementation nonetheless

tool description
entr run command on file change
tag generate terminal shortcuts to ripgrep results
tokei count lines of code
xsv CSV toolkit
jq JSON toolkit
rclone unified cli to cloud storage
aria2 multiprotocol downloader (http, ftp,bittorrent,...)