hyped blogging

Apparently it's not enough to just convert thoughts -> text/markdown -> html and dump it over https to people's browsers. Nooo, the interwebs bemoan centralization and the lack of discoverability, and in true internet form, dream up a thousand new protocols to keep blogging on life support.

xkcd: standards

Note: not using any of the below

old tech - not very connected

It works, why change it? they say

IndieWeb - loosely connected

Self host, but still sort of connect to each other? Abstract ideas of being "people focused", no real tech standards.

Fediverse - connected clusters

Expand beyond blogging! Social Media! Does this really make sense for decentralization? Mostly clones of popular services

other tech

Sometime derided by the same people as above, but I think these are truly decentralized, decoupling content from the serving protocol.