What a scam.

Cloud provider with aggressive advertising and trashy behavior


So you need a cloud provider, and on paper, DO looks decent.

You fire up 10 tiny ($5) instances as a basic test and run them for a while. they're fine, you destroy them.

You spin up 10 larger instances ($40) to run a batch job, expecting to shut them down when they're done. 12h later, it's done, you copy the results out.

You go to the console to destroy the instances (DO charges you as long as resources are allocated, unlike GCP which only charges when running). You are greeted by lock screen saying the account is admin locked and they've opened a ticket. The ticket is nowhere to be seen, you can open your own tickets but they are ignored.

So, DO has basically locked you into paying for instances you don't want to run, with no way to stop it. The only thing you can do with the account is fiddle with Billing settings, so guess who's not getting paid?