You have html, css, js, and some images you want the world to see. You want to serve it under your own domain and https is a must.

What are your choices?


The first 6 are all acceptable choices.

All can be paired with ex cloudflare for ipv6 + custom domain + https (CDN-client)

platform upload https custom domain header free limits pricing / month
vercel js cli, gh app yes yes yes unlimited opt. $20: more builds
netlify js cli yes yes yes unlimited store, 100GB net $0.20/GB net
firebase js cli yes yes yes 1GB store, 10GB net $0.25/GB store, $0.15/GB net js cli yes yes paid unlimited? opt. $30
github git push yes yes no unlimited? opt. github pro
gitlab git push yes yes no unlimited? opt. gitlab
gcs gcloud cli, web load balancer yes no 5GB store, 1GB net NA-others $0.026/GB store, $0.12/GB net
s3 aws cli, web cloudfront yes no none $0.023/GB store, $0.09/GB net ruby cli, web paid paid no 1GB store, 200GB net opt. $5: 50GB store, 3TB net