irc weechat

some developer communities apparently only exist on irc, so you need a proper client to connect.

todo: make weechat less ugly


since servers don't keep global history, you need to be connected to be able to see history.

setup goals


connect to freenode

# /server add name-of-server server-domain/port -options
/server add freenode -ssl -autoconnect
/connect freenode

register a name

# change to name you want to use
/nick name-you-want
/msg NickServ REGISTER your-password
# follow instructions in email

setup login

/secure set name-of-secret your-password
/set irc.server.freenode.sasl_username name-you-want
/set irc.server.freenode.sasl_password ${}
/join #channel-you-want-to-join
/set irc.server.freenode.autojoin #channels,#you,#always,#want,#to,#join

setup relay (allow clients to connect)

expects cat privkey.pem fullchain.pem combined cert in $WEECHAT_HOME/ssl/relay.pem

/secure set another-secret relay-password
/relay add ssl.irc port-for-irc-over-ssl
/relay add ssl.weechat port-for-weechat-over-ssl
/set ${}

save and start in a screen / tmux / headless session in systemd


laptop client

# /server add name-of-relay host-of-relay/port-for-irc-over-ssl -ssl
/server add weechat -ssl -autoconnect

# /secure set yet-another-secret server:relay-password
/secure set yet-another-secret freenode:relay-password
/set irc.server.weechat.password ${}
/set irc.server.weechat.nicks name-you-want

mobile client

top right > settings > connection

Connection type: WeeChat SSL
Relay host: host-of-relay
Relay port: port-for-weechat-over-ssl
Relay password: relay-password