Chaos Communication Congress Day 3

36c3: 3 is the magic number, or is it?


Chaos Communication Congress Day 3

36c3: 3 is the magic number, or is it?

Day 3

Who wouldn't want to pull an 18-hour day at 36c3? With all the excitement, you don't want to miss out.

Life at CCC

skipped a few talks for dinner, still don't know if it was a good idea

1 beer + 2 cocktails over a long time, I'm fine

Dancing: I can really only do a bad imitation of it

5am? yeah sure.


good ones i highlighted

A systematic evaluation of OpenBSD's mitigations

Uhhhh Man does limited research on project as outsider. Man doesn't get insider to review talk. Man gives talk with clickbait title. Man can't answer questions.

Build you own Quantum Computer @ Home - 99% of discount - Hacker Style!

Mmm-hmmm Building old style quantum register isn't too hard. Building more than register: too be seen. At least it's entertaining


Interesting If you have these specific hardware, you can override everything and blast micowaves through the sky. Maybe you'll also get a one way data signal through

Quantum computing: are we there yet?

Ehhhh Google quantum supremecy: good benchmark. Practical quantum attack: some time away. AWS Braket (quantum compute): different process, meh on quantumness

High-assurance crypto software

Yeeaahhhh Software is buggy, who would've thought


Yep black box proprietary things have lots of bugs.

Hacking (with) a TPM

I have ideas so TPM is usable, mostly, probably. I need to implement this

Linux on Open Source Hardware with Open Source chip design

Sighhh spend $1000 now or wait maybe a year for sub $100 RISCV board