Chaos Communication Congress Day 2

Maybe I'll know what to expect at 36c3 now


Chaos Communication Congress Day 2

Maybe I'll know what to expect at 36c3 now

Day 2

Now with a day of experience, maybe I'll be better at navigating 36c3 / CCC.


skip a few talks to listen to Filippo @FiloSottile on age and Go. Security things start to make more sense


good ones i highlighted

How to Design Highly Reliable Digital Electronics

Bzzz radiation == bad, who would've thought. solutions: do it in parallel and vote. Maybe some architectural changes but meh.

TamaGo - bare metal Go framework for ARM SoCs

Hmmm Go protects you from the ravages of stupid OS decisions so much so it is basically a OS in itself. So maybe we don't need an OS at all... Minimal toolchain mods + hardware drivers and initialization == run Go programs standalone on SoCs

The ecosystem is moving

Sighhh The truth, the internet doesn't accept nuance. Talk: decentralised introduces more problems from point of view of a service provider. Other people either still in 90s mentality everyone can be a superuser, or are handwavy project manager types that appear to understand the tech but actually only a little and in the wrong way which is strictly worse than someone who doesn't understand at all.

All wireless communication stacks are equally broken

Check check check Yeah we broke this. And this. And this too. We were bored so this is now also broken.

The sustainability of safety, security and privacy

Okayyy Man doesn't trust modern tech (and other people). Man limits himself to recreating 1980s tech.

ZombieLoad Attack

Woooh like the plundervolt one, sweat spot in between entertaining and technical