Chaos Communication Congress Day 1

36c3 First!!!1!!l!!


Chaos Communication Congress Day 1

36c3 First!!!1!!l!!

Day 1

Like a deer blinded by headlights I was, more precisely, all the glowing neon light at 36c3 / CCC.

Anyways, setup phone wifi with dedicated app, laptop with wpa_supplicant settings, see wiki.

Also setup wireguard VPN to always on, worked perfectly. Total usage over 4 days: phone tx 2.96GiB / rx 3.73GiB, laptop tx 0.11GiB / rx 1.61GiB

Stll don't know why it didn't work when I tried crafting it myself

 	# ca path on debian 7.x, modify accordingly


lost my coat :cry: at least the walk between Congress-tram-hostel isn't that far. Spoiler: got it back day 3 through Lost+Found, <3


things i heard, may or ay not remember actually hearing it

good ones i highlighted

Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware

Like duh Who knows of a good hashing algorithm for hardware? Is this the same as the universe's simulation theory? If as simulations we can tell we are being simulated then amaybe software can tell if hardware is running properly

What's left for private messaging?

Uh-huh still no good messaging app. We get more apps, they're not obviously better, refer to xkcd 927 Standards, xkcd 1810 Chat Systems

phyphox: Using smartphone sensors for physics experiments

Oooh Admittedly didn't expect too much out of this one, but entertaining nevertheless. Maybe I've seen parts of this on YouTube?

How to Break PDFs

Urgh... 5 mins in after they explained a PDF file structure, yeah, broken in all the expected places. At least they followed through on testing in all 22 apps.

Plundervolt: Flipping Bits from Software without Rowhammer

Yo-ho-ho Who doesn't like pirates? Very fun style of talk, probably accurately reflects software development flows.

(Post-Quantum) Isogeny Cryptography

Zzzzzz did i really just listen to 30 mins of RSA thingies, then handwavy generalizations of this elliptical curve thing? Who is the target audience? someone who doesn't understand crypto (and won't understand the rest) or someone who will understand the maths (and wasted half an hour listening to crypto 101). Still don't know how this compares to other post-quantum things

Practical Cache Attacks from the Network and Bad Cat Puns

Ehhhh Maybe slightly overhyped? Interesting chain of optimizations that allow you to observe caches, but you can only see that something is there, not what. Back to stats and AI to guess what you wrote.

SELECT code_execution FROM * USING SQLite;

Wow seriously impressive thought process. SELECT needs info from a master table which can be rewritten to execute arbitrary code (with a weird self registered). Also :facepalm:. Maybe running a virtual machine to do SQL queries isn't the best of ideas?