reinstall arch v2

let's try again


reinstall arch v2

let's try again

what?? it's only been 3 weeks and it broke

note: pam with u2f is finicky and there's a good chance you'll get locked out and just removing the line from /etc/pam.d/system-auth doesn't help


follow the Installation Guide


partition / mounting

1$ mount /dev/nvme0n1p3 /mnt
2$ mkdir /mnt/{boot,efi}
3$ mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt/efi
4$ mount --bind /mnt/efi/EFI/arch /mnt/boot
  1. edit /etc/fsab after generating to fix bind mount
  2. edit /efi/loader/entries/arch.conf to fix UUID


1$ pacstrap /mnt base base-devel linux linux-firmware intel-ucode \
2  wpa_supplicant go{,-tools} htop man-{db,pages} neovim git python{,2,-neovim} \
3  reflector exa ripgrep aria2 sudo docker openssh zsh zsh-completions yubikey-manager \
4  sway xf86-video-intel swaylock mako i3status bemenu grim slurp playerctl \
5  brightnessctl alsa-utils kitty xorg-server-xwayland noto-fonts{,-emoji,-cjk} ttf-ibm-plex


1$ groupadd -r sudo
2$ useradd -m -G vidoe,input,sudo,docker user
3$ passwd user
4$ EDITOR=nvim visudo
as user
 1$ git clone
 2$ cd yay-bin && makepkg -si
 3$ yay -S wl-clipboard-x11 tag-ag
 4$ cd ~
 5$ git clone
 6$ cd pkgbuilds/sway-service && makepkg -si
 7$ cd ~
 8$ rm -rf .config
 9$ git clone .config
10$ sudo ln -s $(pwd)/.config/zsh/zshenv /etc/zsh/zshenv
11$ cd ~
12$ mkdir -p data/{down,xdg/{nvim/{backup,undo},zsh}}


after reboot

1$ systemctl enable --now wpa_supplicant@wlp58s0
2$ systemctl enable --now pcscd
3### edit /etc/resolv.conf