github actions beta

first impressions on github actions beta


github actions beta

first impressions on github actions beta

A full 10 months after clicking "Join Beta", I'm finally in.

Docs are scarce and already outdated, it's now yaml instead of hcl.

Build stuff

Right now, I like docker containers, so build on push:

 1on: push
 3  job1:
 4    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
 5    steps:
 6      - uses: actions/checkout@master
 7      - run: docker build -t some_image .
 8      - run: docker login registry -u username -p $TOKEN
 9        env:
10          TOKEN: ${{ secrets.SOME_SECRET }}
11      - run: docker push some_image


you get a vm with a bunch of outdated stuff installed

run commands with jobs.jobid.steps[x].run:

run actions with jobs.jobid.steps[x].uses:


js or a container with extra metadata for input/output validation, refer to by:


secrets are filtered from log output, yay? but now how do we debug?

apparently there's no way to set global substitutions?

also doesn't integrate well with the package registry beta

there are 3 ways to run a container as a step:

  1. run: docker run some-image
  2. uses: docker://some-image
  3. uses: user/repo (assuming a Dockerfile and action.yml exists)