notes git

notes on git


notes git

notes on git


git is hard


have 2 parts: .git/: where git stuff is stored, and the 'working tree': a visible, working copy of everything, the files you work on


git clone

--recurse-submodules: include any submodules

git init

--bare: no working tree, store the git stuff directly in the directory, conventionally the dir has the .git extenstion: repo.git

--template, or the config init.templateDir: copy the non dotfile contents of a directory

git reset

git reset --soft $commit: uncommit, uncommitted things staged, working directory untouched

(default) git reset --mixed $commit: uncommit, uncommitted things unstaged, working directory untouched

git reset --hard $commit: uncommit, uncommitted things discarded, working directory changes discarded

git bisect

binary search through history to find first commit that introduced a change

git branch

branch listing and management

git checkout

git checkout $branch: switch to branch, keep uncommitted changes

git checkout -b $branch: create a new branch

git checkout $branch -- $paths...: change $paths to match from $branch

git merge

merge changes from $branch onto current branch in a new commit

--squash: create a new commit with the same effect as a merge

--allow-unrelated-histories: merge different porjects into one

git pull

get and apply remote changes

-r: rebase local onto remote changes

--autostash: auto stash and unstash changes

git push

--tags: push tags

-u: set upstream

git cherry-pick

on a clean working tree, apply changes from commits

git clean

remove untracked files

-x: also ignore .gitignored files

-X: only remove ignored files

-d: remove directories, also requires -f

git revert

ass a new commit changing state to $commit

git stash

git stash (push): store changes, reset to HEAD

git stash apply: replay changes

git blame

show who last touched each line